And here I am, in my dance attire but also in Marlène Dietrich’s suite at the Lancaster hotel in Paris, where she lived a few years, where she left her piano, to discuss dance. I recently inflicted a thousand stories documenting my dance practices on my community on Instagram Continue reading “LET’S DANCE”


It’s no secret, I love summery playsuits and it’s no secret either, I do love electric blue, this famous IKB or International Klein Blue. Continue reading “IKB”


An outfit with a retro touch was the natural complement to this superb Lancaster en-suite. With such a setting, it seemed like the ideal occasion to discuss the movie “Laura”. Continue reading “LAURA”


Before Bégum Paris, there was Delage, the beautiful French maison with its workshop in Ile-et-Villaine, France. A maison that would regularly lend its talents and savoir-faire to the greatest names, such as Chanel or Louboutin. Continue reading “BEGUM PARIS”


It is simply delightful to wear this Jason Wu dress, which I find absolutely gorgeous, during the festive season. The slightly dramatic bejeweled neckline is perfectly balanced out by the aerial grace of the skirt. Continue reading “INTO THE BLUE”


Time to clear the air.

My Instagram followers have been increasing by the thousands every day for over a week now. This could sound like good news but really it’s not because these accounts are fake, empty shells with no one behind them. Continue reading “FAKE LIFE”


This beautiful little gem is from Needle & Thread, an English brand founded in 2013, whose sophisticated, supremely feminine style is instantly recognisable due to the embroideries and sequins present in each collection. Continue reading “MAHARANI”


One never highlights their back enough, which is a shame given how sensual a back can be.

I’ve chosen to address this issue by wearing this chain-covered vintage dress.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Continue reading “UNCHAINED”


“Love at first sight”. That’s how I’d describe my experience with Delvaux.

This beautiful house was created in 1829, which makes it the oldest fine leather goods house in the world and one of Belgium’s national jewels. Continue reading “DELVAUX”


Those who’ve been following my adventure since the very beginning are well aware of my love for boating.

The setting has changed a little and so have the type and the size of the boat: may I introduce this gorgeous 56ft long sailing boat. Continue reading “LIBERTY”


Today, I want to tell you about a lawyer: Suzanne Ducoté.

A lawyer who chose another path.

Suzanne’s bubbly personality, beautiful energy and intelligence set her up for a brilliant, intellectually stimulating career as a business lawyer. Continue reading “DUCOTÉ & CÔTE”


Is a moment of outrage allowed? I guess so.

I have written about my love for Naomi Wolf’s “Beauty Myth”, published in 1990, on a previous occasion. The essay explores how women were, and continue to be, alienated by unrealistic diktats around physical perfection, desirability and the constant staging of their bodies as sexual objects. Continue reading “THE BEAUTY MYTH – PART 2”


I clearly love Dolce & Gabbana’s ultra-femininity, which has always represented the quintessence of the Italian dolce vita for me: the 60’s, the sun, femininity, voluptuousness, grace and love. Continue reading “DOLCE VITA”


This item is a UFO: a playsuit by Victoria Beckham designed for target, the massive U.S. department store. Indeed, Victoria Beckham presented Target with an affordable 150-piece-collection in Spring 2017, which includes a line for plus-size women and for children. In all fairness, it’s quite a success. Continue reading “ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK”


And here I am, a little provocative, in my vintage Old England cape, visiting a medieval French castlewhich was the subject of bitter battles between France and England: the castle of Langeais. Continue reading “LANGEAIS”


Margareth & Moi is the result of a beautiful story that involves neither Margareth, nor myself at that, but two individuals by the name of Victoria and Gildas.

Victoria and Gildas met in another life, when they were both working for Olivier Lapidus. That meeting led to a true friendship but also a superb creation: Margareth & Moi. Continue reading “MARGARETH & MOI”


It is a challenge not to look furiously elegant in a tuxedo. Some might even say furiously feminine.

However, if dared, the tuxedo must be absolutely perfect. You might find me a little snobbish but in my opinion, a tuxedo is either YSL or it is not. Continue reading “SMOKING HOT”


Some time ago, I presented my interrogations concerning #MeToo here. I expressed my fear of seeing this movement become a trial by the people and my hope that it would trigger legal and judiciary changes, which are, in my opinion, the only tools that can really change mindsets in the long run. Continue reading “TIME’S UP”


Let’s talk about the Atelier Les Lyonnes.

Its founder, the utterly charming Anne-Claire Thiriot, decided to give spats a new life. The bet was a risky one, given that the accessory is rather dated.

And yet, the bet was worth it because she has, in a nutshell, given it a new life. Continue reading “ATELIER LES LYONNES”


The name Megève is very much associated with the Rothschild, and for a simple reason: the skiing station was created by them after the First World war, as they refused to cohabitate with the Germans during their stays in Swiss stations. Continue reading “MEGEVE”


I fell head-over-heels in love with the young brand Rayon Spécial, which brings together a wonderful collection of vintage glasses from the 30’s through to the 60’s. The glasses are laminated with gold and lovingly restored by the young designer Yoan Dahan. Continue reading “RAYON SPECIAL”


The Canadians must have been laughing pretty hard at our few centimetres of snow… and their catastrophic impact.

There was hardly any traffic, all the parks were closed, people looked like penguins as they struggled to walk, all wrapped up in layers of clothes: it was a beautiful mess. Continue reading “SNOW”


“Atomic Blonde” was definitely one of my favorite movies of 2017.

In a nutshell: Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 agent played by Charlize Theron, is sent to Berlin a few days before the fall of the wall in order to find a lost list of secret agents. Continue reading “ATOMIC BLONDE”


Fun facts? We’ve got fun facts:

I am short. That’s not so funny but I just wanted to specify it because every time someone sees me in real life after having seen pictures that someone tells me: “but you looked so much taller”. There you go, that’s kinda funny… I’m really 1m64! Continue reading “FUN FACTS”


This website definitely raises many questions around me. Some people don’t really understand why I persist on wanting to live off this digital initiative when I am a lawyer and a doctor in law. According to them, all of this is a waste of my intellectual capacities and a plain waste of time. Continue reading “PROFESSION – SLASHER”


What my 4-year-old daughter calls my « princess dress » is in fact a wedding gown. My wedding gown. A wedding gown that I never got to wear seeing as I never got married (although everything was ready: the contract, the ring, the ceremony… but we ended changing our minds and preferring a life of sin). Continue reading “A LIFE OF SIN”


People often wonder why I don’t post more pictures of the kids.

The dear teenager has her own Instagram account and seeing as the teenage years aren’t generally the ones during which you feel most luminous and radiant, I would never post any picture of her without her explicit approval. Continue reading “GOING PRIVATE”


Bvlgari, the roman jeweler. Bulgari, the jeweler of vibrant, colorful gems. Bvlgari, the jeweler which masterfully combines utter elegance, with an oh-so-Roman touch of creative madness. Creativity is the master word. Passion too. Continue reading “BVLGARI”


“The Thomas Crown Affair”, two movies, really.

The first one dates back to 1968 and starred Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. The story is actually rather simple: Thomas Crown is extremely rich and equally bored, which is why he organizes a hold-up in a bank (I know, not exactly what I do when I’m bored either but oh well…). Continue reading “THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR”


Today’s subject of discussion is none other than one of the most vanguard Parisian brands, the famous maison Courrèges, which was one of the first to offer trousers and miniskirts to women. Continue reading “COURREGES”


I am always extremely moved by what the Garnier Opera house represents.

Besides the fact that the building is of an absolutely decadent beauty and that it reunites many arts in its midst (Lyrical art! Dancing! Painting and a Chagall ceiling! Literature and the phantom of the Opera! Architecture!), the Opera house perfectly illustrates the rule of will. Continue reading “GARNIER OPERA HOUSE – PARIS”


Shall we talk about #metoo?

I have got extremely mixed feelings regarding the whole thing – first and foremost, I am disgusted by all the abuse. The following post is just a flow of thoughts triggered by the campaign, with near to no distance given that we’re all swimming in the midst of these murky, muddy waters at the moment. Continue reading “#NOTMETOO BUT #METOOANYWAY”


I am what you’d call a late bloomer, one of those women who becomes beautiful with age.

Strangely, I say this without any pretense: I don’t think I’m the prettiest (I am actually totally incapable of naming the most beautiful woman in the world because I find lots of women beautiful in many different ways) but I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, be it puffy and eyes and poufy hair or a perfectly prepped face. Continue reading “LATE BLOOMER”


When you have a public account on Instagram and that you wish to reach a maximum number of people, there are two possible postures.

The first one is to consider that you influence others: the idea is therefore to increase your number of followers whilst only following a few, often institutional or celebrities accounts. Continue reading “MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL”


The island of Ré is full of treasures: the beach and farniente, the architecture, the history, an ancestral and yet diversified local life. The whole place is still rather wild and authentic thanks to the action of the local political actors (and to a 16€ toll on the road that gives one access to the island during high season). Continue reading “RÉ ISLAND”


I’ll quickly paraphrase Balzac because I find his formulation very accurate: Azay-le-Rideau is a “multi-cut/faceted diamond crimped by the Indre river”.

Azay is a true Renaissance gem, its finesse makes it look like a little ornament floating on the water. Continue reading “AZAY-LE-RIDEAU”


It is urgent that we start loving. Loving ourselves in order to love others.

This motto, which is already engraved in the very DNA of this website, is the main idea in Renee Engeln’s book: “Beauty sick: How the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women”, published in April 2017. Renee Engeln is Professor of Instruction in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, USA. Continue reading “MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS”


This may seem strange but the castle of Chenonceau left me with mixed feelings of amazement and sadness. The place is utterly gorgeous but something (other than the hoards of tourists) creates an atmosphere of utter melancholy, which might have something to do with its history. Continue reading “CHENONCEAU”


The Parisian Arts Décoratifs museum celebrated in 2017 the 70th anniversary of the creation of the house of Dior. This lavish and comprehensive exhibition invites visitors on a voyage of discovery through the universe of the house of Dior’s founder and the illustrious couturiers who succeeded him : Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons and, most recently, Maria Grazia Chiuri. Continue reading “CHRISTIAN DIOR EXHIBITION – PARIS”


I happened to very intentionally stumble upon Ivanka Trump’s Instagram page, given that I’ve been observing her and her public initiatives from a distance for some time now. The persona intrigues me (the underlying question being: what will she actually do with all the cards she has in hand to trigger progress in some areas?) Continue reading “THE BLACK SWAN”


Jet lag, also called desynchronosis and flight fatigue, is a temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of air travel across multiple time zones. It is considered a circadian rhythm sleep disorder, which is a disruption of the internal circadian clock”. Continue reading “JET LAG”


In this post, I felt like discussing – in my own way – a movie that I absolutely love: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

I have no particular affinity with Tiffany & Co but my love for Bulgari is limitless and well-documented, therefore this photoshoot became Breakfast at Bulgari’s, with the help of a coffee and a croissant. Continue reading “BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S”


A stunning vintage Yolanda dress from the sixties. I admire the refinement of the embellished collar but I admire way it falls and flows perfectly. The coral-beset lady is older than me but it would make any young woman pale in comparison given its holding (so imagine how pale this 42-year-old young woman looks). Continue reading “HANDOVER OF POWER”