Beauty, simplicity and sharpness are intimately linked in my spirit, when I look at myself in the mirror. As the years go by, I realize that my very personal notion of female beauty is defined by cleanliness, sharpness and purity – and in all of its forms and meanings – of lines.

Short hair spares me the untamed curls that framed my younger face, as my hair is very curly indeed. This current length gives a certain structure to my neck and face. My natural hair color is noticeably lighter than what you see, but I like the contrast of dark hair and very light and almost cold complexion.

The make-up – which hardly excites me – only serves to underline and highlight the lines that seem to me to be structuring: the eyebrows that give character to the look, the very red lipstick that highlights the smile or the word.

The nails are neat, and drive me mad when they are not short enough for my taste. I recall feeling frightened of hurting my infants with nails that got too long.

The silhouette follows the same principles: I don’t like complicated clothes and lines, or the 408 accessories that restrict my movements. I rather always seek a certain simplicity of lines.

My loathing of ribbed sweaters has become legendary in my family, because I systematically reject them, except if it is a short sweater that emphasizes my waist. Contrary to what you may think, I am not very tall and I like to highlight my waist, because it accentuates and structures the silhouette.

I like the idea of building lines. I am particularly sensitive to architecture; this may explain that.

January 3, 2020

Loro Piana coat – Furla purse – Helmut Lang leggings – Monoprix cashmere jumper – Stuart Weitzman boots – Vintage mittens – Chanel sunglasses – Tiffany earrings