Beyond the skyscrapers, the yellow cabs and urban frenzy which are the soul features of this city, one can find a more subdued New York, where you will spot numerous architectural beauties, provided that you raise your eyes.

I particularly cherish Midtown, Upper East Side and Upper West Side, having lived and worked there for a while.

I have great memories of these times, and a huge nostalgia, because when you love New York, you love it totally, absolutely and unconditionally (and if you hate it, the feeling is just as strong).

New York gives off a crazy energy, but it is also true that such amounts of energy can leave you drained.

To escape from the skyscrapers hiding the horizon and the perpetual movement in order to find peace within this city which never sleeps or almost, nothing like stopping (stopping in New York, are you kidding Dear?) in Central Park.

Nothing like admiring beautiful human-sized buildings which borrow from the gothic style, one could believe being on the set of Roman Polanski’s movie, Rosemary’s Baby.

Raise the eyes. It is a habit easily lost in New York.

November 10, 2015