I have been feeding this website for over six years now and I must admit that I am quite happy with the evolution I see there, which tends towards simplicity and authenticity. After some 350 articles presenting different outfits each time and illustrating a variety of subjects, I realize that I am only now reaching the end of my wardrobe. I’m happy about that, because it bothered me to look like someone who always wears new clothes (even though mine weren’t new, but kept forever). And even if it was not my case, it gave credence to the perpetual overconsumption concept.

After six years on Instagram, outraged capitalism and mass overconsumption strongly irritate me. I’m so fed up with the world of appearances. My children are growing up, my daughter is studying sociology, politics, philosophy and gender studies which gives rise to passionate and fascinating debates because I don’t want to be left behind and therefore I read the same books as her.

I want ecology, I want reasoned consumption, I want ethics, I want simplicity. On the occasion of a recent move, I donated a good half of my wardrobe, to keep only the pieces that spark joy. To be honest, I was ashamed of the size of my wardrobe. It didn’t make any sense – so I donated around. To my daughter, to my mother, to friends, to friends’ friends, to charities. With a clear house comes a clear mind. With a light material life comes a light and enlightened mind.

From now on, you will therefore see pieces of clothing already worn in the past but probably accessorized differently.

You will also probably see new clothes from time to time, but these will have been chosen and acquired with more care than in the past. My primary preference will always be vintage or second-hand clothes, and the label will always be carefully considered – for obvious ethical reasons. I hope to stick to my new rule according to which a newly acquired piece will replace an existing piece that will be donated.

I want to travel light when it comes to material life and travel dense when it comes to intellectual and emotional fields.

This probably explains why this website, which started out on the sole theme of style, eventually unfolds broader themes, be it cinema, literature or life, of course.

January 14, 2022

Apostrophe leather dress – Fendi jacket – Dior heels – Miu Miu sunglasses – Lanvin purse