A dress with pockets? Clothes that never wrinkle? Washable clothes, without ticking the “dry cleaning” box? Reversible pieces that allow several combinations?

If you like simplicity, Uncouture is for you.

This beautiful brand, founded in 2020, offers women couture clothing and its viaticum definitely lies in quality and adaptability.

The viaticum seemed simple on paper, but not so much when implemented. The fabrics are woven especially for Uncouture, so that they have sufficient hold and weight not to wrinkle but still remain seam. Everything is thought out: the zipper which does not require twisting your arm and back to wind it up, the models which are available in 7 sizes and which are irreproachable in fit and cut at each size, the absence of seasonality pieces, the reversibility of the jackets to have two models in one, the association of almost all the pieces with each other.


Far from excessive production, Uncouture wants to participate to a reasoned and sustainable consumption, which explains why a single piece is out each month, in several colors.

The founder of Uncouture, Béatrice Ferrant, is quite a character. In 2003, she founded her fashion house, Lefranc-Ferrant – Uncouture being nothing less than the successor of this former brand – worked with Alber Elbaz and was the Artistic Director of Rochas Homme. Both an artist and a pragmatic woman, Béatrice has lived long enough to know that only the essential matters, whether it is about life or clothing.

Uncouture perfectly reflects her creator and goes to the point.

May 7, 2021