A few people – be they my dear teen or lawyers who know about the double life as lawyer/digitalizer I lead – often encourage me to share a bit more about my life, in all its craziness and complexity.

It’s a complicated task.

How can I possibly show you pictures of the weekends I spend without ever touching a hair brush? Those I spend with my two young children and my teenager, who looks at me with an air of compassionate worry, as her siblings run around like little tornadoes?

How do I phrase the fact that when we’re on the edge, we come up with the silliest, weirdest ideas (that make us laugh ‘til we cry). After a three-day-long Easter weekend with the two kids (three days of kids on a sugar-high is long, very long), we started creating a horror Easter bunny with red eyes, a bad coke addiction to keep him going and an anti-social personality. We stole a bit (a lot) of the children’s chocolate to eat them in secret (it actually improves the taste) and acted cool and surprised every time one of them complained about a missing egg.

How can I explain why my home is busier than an airport? Between an ex who swings by to take a shower because he spent the night on the plane and has to rush into meetings, my ex’s exes, children I’ve made, others I haven’t, old, young, who all come around because the vibe is pretty cool here.

And what should I say about the lawyers with whom I work on some cases with? My funniest partner highly recommends that I post pictures of me at the penitentiary center of Fresnes, or on keeping one’s chic whilst going through prison security.

The same partner is also the one who’s care ran out of fuel in front of the Elysée, fifteen minutes before our hearing at the Palace of Justice. The car made a ‘bip bip’ sound, and I heard her say ‘oh fudge, guess I forgot the fuel’ and we just stopped in the middle of the road.

I love it.

Just picture me pushing the car in a skirt and 6-inch heels, helped by two adorable policemen, whom I asked if they were doing okay other than this… Response: “well yeah, we’re doing better than you at in any case”.

Yes, indeed.

The hearings… Oh the hearings, most of them truly deserve live twitter feeds becomes some of the things you hear there are crazier than a fashion show commentary by Loïc Prigent. Sadly, confidentiality makes it impossible for me to share what goes on inside a court room but let me tell you that I often leave it thinking that people who spend their afternoons watching soap operas had better just come watch some hearings: they are full of plot twists and comedy (laugh on the inside though, or else the President will scar face you and that’s not funny).

My life isn’t a piece of cake, it’s full of different pieces: a beautiful mess and I love it. However, I can’t really provide any photos of these pieces of my life.

So please find some very random, unrelated photos attached, I’m sure you won’t mind too much, right? 😉

June 6, 2018

Marquis Paris - Nov 2017

Marquis Paris - Nov 2017

Marquis Paris - Nov 2017

Marquis Paris - Nov 2017

Marquis Paris - Nov 2017

Marquis Paris - Nov 2017

Ted Baker skirt – Vintage top and belt – Face A Face sunglasses – Fendi clutch