Please find attached the images that exemplify an utter, complete failure of a photoshoot.

I don’t have tons of free time in my day to day life so I often try to bring things together as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

This is why I had the brilliant idea of renting a beautiful sailing ship for five hours and to take not only my photographer with me but also his girlfriend, my father, my brother, my step-sister and my two young kids.

Brilliant idea, indeed.

This was mid-May.

Let me paint you the picture: the sky is dark and heavy as we leave the harbor and sure enough, heavy rain stated pouring down on us for hours shortly thereafter.

It felt like it was 10 degrees Celsius tops.

No need to say that I quickly abandoned the hope of shooting the six bikinis I had packed into a suitcase that remained untouched and locked in the cabin.

My children’s faces slowly turn green. One wants to throw up and the other has simply gone mute.

We’re all freezing.

My photographer asks me to take the helm and navigate the boat in a desperate resort to get some semi-decent pictures out of this experience. It did not go well. I asked the skipper to take us back after an hour.

So here are the photos, which are a stylistic disaster, maybe, but perfectly reflect the atmosphere that often reigns on the other side of the pictures I publish. It’s tragically funny.

We’ll try again on a sunnier day, of course 😉


Oh mon bateau...

Oh mon bateau...

Oh mon bateau...

Oh mon bateau...

Oh mon bateau...

Oh mon bateau...

Oh mon bateau...


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