Delicious day with the three kids: we thought that the return of beautiful weather deserved an outing at the Monceau Park. Really, though, we were five, given that my youngest decided to take her baby doll with her.

The latter has been baptized “baby”, despite my attempts to give him a name (why bother give him a name, right?), and was lucky enough to have blue hair drawn onto his head. Furthermore, he is never dressed and… always disarticulated.

Frankly, he looks straight out from a horror movie and my daughter often drags him by the feet (should I be worried? I don’t know).

You should also know that “nothing” is said “rien” in French and “everything” is said “tout”. Whilst my daughter was wandering about with her horrible doll, my seven year old son was asking me what “végétarien” (vegetarians) were. I explained. He then asked me « Then what’s “végétatout”?

I also learned that he only plays marbles on public benches, because “if you don’t play on benches well you just don’t know how to play”.

Yeah, that must be it.


Perfect through and through. The horror movie doll, the vegetaeveryhting, the marbles.

And whilst all of this is taking place, my teen is taking pictures. Of the baby, of the kids, of the flowers. Of herself. Because she managed to take a selfie with a camera.

(Just imagine the scene for a second: me sitting on the grass simultaneously watching: the broken baby in front of me, my son playing marbles on a bench, my daughter living her life fifty meters away and talking to herself and my teen who’s traded phone selfies for camera selfies and only then… Only then can you begin to feel my loneliness my incomprehension my joy of being a mother).

Lovely day, though. Interesting too because I learned something new: playing marbles on public benches. And that’s not given to just anybody 😉 ).

April 6, 2017


 Vintage top and purse – Escada pants – Salomé Paris sandals – Hermès scarf – Face A Face sunglasses