Let’s talk about Lucie Monin, the gilder, for a minute.

A lover of old tomes, Lucie originally wanted to become a book restorer when she began her studies at the Arts of the Book Centre. She quickly understood that she was less excited by sticky glues than she was by illuminations, gold foil and gilding iron. Her time at the Blue School refined her taste for design and interior architecture.

So Lucie the gilder and the illuminator was born. Lucie practiced gilding on all types of surfaces: leather, wood, Plexiglas, “papier-mâché” and even Corian. The objects on which she applied her gildings were just as diverse: stilettos, belts, fans, handbags, clothes and glasses.

Brands didn’t wait long to jump on the bandwagon: she has partnered with Balenciaga, Steiger, Le Tanneur, Dr. Martens and Carvil, to name but a few.

And so was born Lucie the magician, bearer of ancestral traditions. Indeed, there is a form of magic in Lucie’s very specific know-how: she uses a noble element, which is laced with a thousand legends – that of Midas and of the philosopher’s stone. To be perfectly honest, I am not certain that Lucie is from this world.

Lucie draws on the universes that lie within and channels her innumerable past lives to make gold spring from obscurity. Her culture is immense and her influences even greater: Art Nouveau, Art Déco, pointillism, the 60’s, the 70’s, geometric and so-called masculine figures, curved and so-called feminine figures and more. Of course, as a talented magician, she has managed to integrate all of this into her universe without letting it submerge her own subtle signature.

Calling on Lucie’s talents allows you to customize your wardrobe to the extreme, given that each gilding is unique.

Her work caught my eye, so I asked her to create the gilding of her choice on my Loewe handbag. The latter was objectively beautiful, especially because Loewe’s choice and treatment of leather is of wonderful quality, but it was so simple that it became somewhat boring.

I gave her one viaticum: follow your instinct. I did not wish to validate her design before she brought it to life – mad are those who do not place their trust in white witches.

And I was right: the result is absolutely marvelous and matches my style and personality perfectly.

Now, let me present you with Lucie the magician’s work. This is not a Loewe bag, it is a Monin creation, and nothing could make me happier.

Take a look at her work on her website, it’s stunning and it’s right this way.

September 13, 2019


Vintage Lanvin dress by Castillo – Loewe handbag by Lucie Monin – Stella Luna heels – Face A Face sunglasses

Lucie Monin