Good read of the week: “Filling the Void” by Marcus Gilroy-Ware, whose concern is to understand why so many people are addicted to social media. As the author points out, the term “user” is commonplace in two markets: the drug dealers’ market and the social media market.

According to Marcus Gilroy-Ware, the answer lies in post-capitalism: the bored life of most contemporary workers driven by materialism and possession creates an inner void and leads them to social media where a mix of info, entertainment and dreamlife pieces are available. Such fulfilment never occurs of course. People addicted to social media stay trapped in the circularity of social media’s endless timelines and feeds by searching for something that can make them feel better.

Marcus Gilroy-Ware cites my favorite contemporary philosopher – Erich Fromm and his book “To Have or To Be”. In a nutshell, Erich Fromm pointed out (in 1967, the man had some foresight) that the great promise of industrial societies lies in material abundance and an unlimited production leading to an unlimited consumption. Thus, the materialistic nature of people who “have” has been emphasized much more than the development of the spiritual nature of people who truly “are”.

The problem is that the more you want to possess, the more you lose your inner self. And the less truly happy you are.

To quote Fromm again : “that millions of people share the same forms of mental pathology does not make these people sane “.

So true, especially when you are talking about social media 😉


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