Taking pictures during Winter comes down to one word: cold. Very cold, not for my photographer who is wrapped in many layers of clothes (he even has special gloves that allow him to handle the camera without having to leave them), but for me. I am always cold, it’s a fact. And comes the fateful moment when I am asked to take off the coat for the purpose of the photo and sometimes I just rebuke, which is why you will never see this lovely little burnt bread colored sweater that I am wearing under this warm beige coat.

Funny faces are also my forte – we know it – and they are often accentuated by a nasty cold that envelops me or by a very annoying rain.

I sometimes wonder who is this guy who wants to take pictures of me when all I want is to savor my Viennese chocolate.

I sometimes wonder what I’m doing there, at 6.30 am in the middle of a dark street, in a French cancan outfit, when I’m dead tired. You can feel the spirit, right.

I also wonder what I’m doing there, in front of these Invalides monument that I adore yet, to strike a pose dying of cold on a place battered by freezing winds.

And so, as I told you: I am the queen of the funny face.

January 15, 2021