Makeup and contouring tutorials always leave me astonished – when they land on my Instagram feed. I remain mesmerized by the many layers of creams, primers, foundations and other powders applied to the skin. The two mottos of Mother Dear from my teenage years: “the less, the better” and “the perfect make-up is the one that cannot be seen” resonate so loudly each time I come across these tutorials that I ache for those skins covered and buried in makeup, and almost think that I hear them screaming in suffocation.

There are as many skin types as there are people, but I am firmly convinced that skin that is overly made-up will suffer from pimples and inflammation, covered again by another makeup-camouflage. In short, a real vicious circle, which is sometimes added to another, that of camouflaging who you really are. I’ve always loved the idea of looking like myself at any time of the day – be it with make-up at night or with my hair up in the morning.

Anyway, this explains why I’m not a makeup freak and why makeup comes down to a moisturizer, a pencil on the eyebrows, some powder, and basta. Mascara and lipstick are quite optional.

I’m actually much more interested in seeing how life itself contours my face 😉

April 18, 2018

La Perla pyjamas – Chanel makeup