People often ask me if I like to shop. Those who don’t know me imagine that I raid the Avenue Montaigne on a weekly basis.

They couldn’t be further removed from the truth.

I’ll be honest: although I am an above-average buyer, I take no pleasure in shopping, an activity which I do not often indulge in.

My dear mother always told me that it was better to buy one very beautiful piece instead of three lesser quality pieces. Always priviledge quality, cut, timelessness. I followed this precious advice religiously (apart from the fact that I extended the concept of “one piece”) and that is why you see pieces that I bought over twenty years ago on this website and I still get the same kick out of wearing them.

Seeing as I truly don’t find any pleasure in shopping, I never look for a piece in particular. I admire the women that seek THE piece that they have in mind, readily roaming through the whole of Paris to find it. I am absolutely incapable of doing that.

There are a few shops that I really like and I go there two or three times a year in order to review the collections and spend some time with people that I like but I don’t always buy (and yes, it’s true, most of those shops happen to be on Avenue Montaigne).

I also look for vintage pieces via internet and I must admit that, in that case, I really do enjoy discovering the piece once it arrives. I am always surprised to have a piece that is older than I am in my hands, a witness of times that I haven’t seen. Likewise, I’d rather go to a few select second-hand shops because I’m not looking for the latest piece from the latest collection. I do not like the idea of being trendy. Instead, I like the idea of not looking for anything, of rummaging and with a bit of luck of finding the beautiful piece that catches my eye and that matches my style.

I am a vintage woman.

October 24, 2018


Vintage suit – Tara Jarmon fur collar – Agnelle gloves – JCrew heels – Tod’s handbag – Alexis Bittar bracelet


  1. Hello!

    This was so pleasing to read as I feel the same. I have items I have owned, wear or use seasonally, for twenty plus years. I believe I receive compliments because the item actually suits me, rather than being the new trend.

    I may visit a shopping mall perhaps, once or twice a year, and never to buy clothing. What an odd one I am since I live in the U.S.

    Enjoying your blog,


    1. Thank you for your comment! To be honest, I think that following the new trend is boring and not that interesting in terms of personality. So brava my dear if you wear clothes that suit you, it’s a great way to develop your own style. Love from Paris 😉

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