The holidays and the beautiful weather have allowed me to post photos and videos of me on a gorgeous sailing boat. These posts make it seem like my life is magazine material.

A smooth life, a perfect life where things just fall into place. A life disconnected from reality.

These photos and these videos never communicate the mistakes, the failures, the obstacles of yesterday or the challenges of tomorrow.

On my website, I regularly try to write about life in all its tragedy, its comedy, its tragicomedy and always in the most realistic way possible.

It’s not an obvious equation, especially when I post on my favorite social network, Instagram, where the media of choice are beautiful, glossy images.

My goal is never to blind or deceive anyone with pretty pictures but rather to offer a variety of things to this incredible community: professional pictures for photography lovers, an array of personal outfits for those who seek style inspiration, videos for people who appreciate the aesthetics of movement and texts for those of you who enjoy reflecting on a wide range of topics.

All this being said, I don’t believe any of you are blinded or deceived by this digital world, right? 😉

August 31, 2018

(When you struggle on the rocks, the flashes too)

(When you act silly as usual)

(When you are not convinced at all by what you are doing)

(When the photographer struggles with the wind to take a decent picture)

(When the wind is that strong, we even lost a mattress)

(When it’s 10 pm and you are on a beach alone, wondering why)