I nearly died during this photo shoot. Yes, yes, yes. I was calmly walking over to the place where Cedric, my fully equipped photographer (top quality lens, integrated light box and all that not-so-discrete attire). Without any notice whatsoever, I suddenly decided that a photo shoot smack in the middle of the Champs-Elysées was a brilliant idea.

When I say “smack in the middle” I actually literally mean “smack in the middle”. Smack in the middle of the road, where there happens to be two crossroads.

(And why not after all because: “There’s more space to walk, you know”

“Yes but there’s also a LOT of cars”

“Naaaah, it’ll be fine, you’ll see”). Yeah right.

We timed every single red light, we nearly got run over by at least ten cars and Cedric was even lucky enough to get asked highly technical questions on his material by a passerby. During that time, all the tourists were taking picture of Cedric as he was taking pictures of me (Inception?).

Anyways. You get the picture: a glorious mess, as usual.

And yet it’s okay, Cedric is growing more and more accustomed to my ways, because I often come up with strange, slightly insane ideas. The worst one was probably when I asked him – with a day’s notice – to drive me down to Courchevel (a six-hour drive) to attend a Fendi fashion show and to take pictures. We spent less than ten hours in Courchevel. And he drove me back to Paris (it’s okay though because Cedric likes driving nearly as much as he likes taking pictures, right).

The dangerous job here is more his than mine: it can get a little rock’n’roll to work with me but it’s always done in the best of moods. And I dare to hope that it’s visible on the pictures 🙂

October 15, 2018


Antoine & Lily coat – Banana Republic pants – JCrew flat shoes – Agnelle gloves – Loewe handbag – Chanel sunglasses