I have infinite love for this white dress, which I perfectly picture being in “The Great Gatsby” (I only hope that I have a bit more character and heart than this silly Daisy).

The book, which I read in my far, far away youth, left a deep impression. I appreciate a good tragic love story, be it a novel, an opera or a ballet, it is often of a deep, poignant beauty.

Artists quickly understood that it was neither happiness, nor happy endings which engraved themselves in our souls.

Strangely, tragedy is a lot less beautiful when the story is your life. Apparently everyone is not an artist. What a pity.

But Scott Fitzgerald was one of them, and a brilliant and desperate one if you want my opinion. « The Great Gatsby » has the DNA of a Greek tragedy. Well, Scott Fitzgerald’s life is a Greek tragedy and so was the fate of this book, which sold poorly but became later a literary classic. The novel is extraordinary, beautiful and mesmerizing.

“The Great Gatsby”, written in 1925, follows the fate of Jay Gatsby, a young millionaire of the Roaring Twenties, living on Long Island. Mystery surrounds Jay’s fortune, but not Jay’s heart: Jay is obsessed with the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, who is a young and self-absorbed socialite. Before she unhappily married Tom Buchanan, Daisy was romantically involved with Jay but could not wait for him when he left her, promissing to be back after making his fortune.

But Jay is back now. With millions. What will be Daisy’s choice, between Tom and Jay?

April 20, 2020







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