Do we drink alcohol during a photo shoot? Nope, never at all, never ever. The proof in pictures.

Let’s recap.

When in 2019, Triumph Lingerie contacted me, I excitedly began to brainstorm about the concepts I should take on the topic of women, women’s bodies and the way society looks at them.

And so, I draft the text to accompany the future photos, take infinite pleasure in it, and immediately ask the Lancaster hotel to host my photographer, Cedric, and me for the photo session.

Comes the day of the photo shoot and suddenly, our process becomes less… fluid. My photographer Cedric and I, usually so busy, wander through the suite. Cedric does not set up his equipment and I do absolutely not change my clothes since that means that I will end up dressed in underwear, in a hotel room, with a man who is not mine, to take photos which will later be posted on the Internet.

In short, everything I love. Total discomfort.

Cedric vainly tries to lighten the mood with a feeble, “Oh it’s not much different than taking photos in a swimsuit on the beach”.

No, Cedric.

I’ll stop you right away.

It’s very different. Since it is, as always, a question of context. The swimsuit worn in a place where it is socially accepted – since it takes part in a sunbathing activities that everyone engages in – is very different from a lingerie set associated with intimacy, nudity, or even sexuality.

Under these circumstances, my solution to lighten up the mood is therefore more radical: open the bottle of champagne available in the mini-bar. A matter of letting go of inhibition.

So there you have it.

You have seen photos where I am slightly tipsy, it is not glorious.

Otherwise, I disguised myself again, in an old costume, and I had great success on the street.

I also tried a scarf in my hair but it was an absolute miss, simply because it was a VERY LARGE scarf.

I also fought with a swan who wanted to smoke my cigarette and I wondered when swans got addicted, given its warmongering nature.

And finally, I read my emails in the middle of a photo shoot and made a fool of myself by overplaying a dramatic attitude on the pretext that we were in the Marlène Dietrich suite at the Lancaster hotel.

In short? Everything is fine. As usual 😉

March 13, 2020