People often wonder why I don’t post more pictures of the kids.

The dear teenager has her own Instagram account and seeing as the teenage years aren’t generally the ones during which you feel most luminous and radiant, I would never post any picture of her without her explicit approval.

She is the one who decides what she posts and I trust her 100%, given that she understands the potential risks attached to social media and the (restricted or not) posting of pictures of oneself.

When it comes to the little ones, the picture are rare and often from afar or not facing the camera. The lawyer in me always hopes for the best but expects the worst. When I see the kind of private messages I receive on Instagram and the reactions that pictures of a clothed (veeeeery clothed at that if I may) woman can trigger, I naturally worry about the reactions that a picture of two little angels might generate.

It’s also a question of principle: I consider my children to be independent people with independent personalities, which makes it difficult for me to dispose of their personality rights – including the use of their image – be they 18, 7 or 4, especially given the fact that in this world where privacy is melting like butter in the Sun, nothing ever disappears.

This explains why I do not disclose their first names because I may have my own public universe, but they will also have theirs (and the dear teenager already has hers) and I do not wish for anyone to be able to investigate their lives since birth ever.

Professional deformation because I often call on experts on economic intelligence for my work? Perhaps. In the meantime, I know that it is extremely easy for me to find millions of pieces of information on any given person via Instagram and Facebook. It’s only a matter of knowing where to look.

And this is where another question of principle comes in: I preserve my private life fiercely, which is why you will rarely come across pictures of my apartment or friends.

All of that is mine. But the rest is for you 😉

December 2, 2017


Fashion Shooting - Marquis Blog Paris. Pont Alexandre III

Fashion Shooting - Marquis Blog Paris. Pont Alexandre III

Fashion Shooting - Marquis Blog Paris. Pont Alexandre III


Fashion Shooting - Marquis Blog Paris. Pont Alexandre III


YSL coat – Agnelle gloves – Stella McCartney heels – Vintage bibi hat