I am particularly sensitive to Alicia Keys’ initiative, which consists in not wearing makeup systematically, be it in her daily life or during photo shoots or mediatised events.

Don’t misunderstand me: when I talk about makeup here, I am making reference to quite a substantial amount of makeup, which goes beyond mere night and day cremes and includes a full range of products such as : CC cream, white, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeshadow, highlighter, eyeliner and many more.

I am particularly sensitive to it, for several several reasons.

Personally first off. My dear mother always told me that the best makeup was invisible makeup. And my dear mother was quite minimalistic in the matter herself. Hence the fact that I’ve limited myself to applying powder, eyebrow pencil, mascara and lip balm every morning.

On crazy days, I’ll go for a bit of blush.

On evenings where nothing can stop me, I may even wear a bit of eyeshadow.

I really like lipstick but the fact is I love kissing my little kids so I’d rather skip the lipstick (my teen and I are more demure).

And as I have a tendency to put my face in my hands during the day (no, nothing dramatic I just touch my face a lot when I think), you can be sure that there’s nothing left on my face by… 11 a.m.

I like this simplicity. However, I am rather attached to my quick eyebrow routine (it immediately gives the face more structure) and to my lip balm (not only does it nourish your lips but it also gives your face a bit of a lift).

For the rest, honestly I couldn’t care less.

You can’t imagine how surprised I was when I started taking pictures for the blog. Indeed, as soon as photography becomes even slightly professional, it requires a heavier-than-usual makeup, for the simple reason that a photo is nothing but a game of light. Without makeup, the face can appear flat, colorless and structureless.

The first photo shoot was not the most successful (seeing as I was wearing my usual makeup and mostly because I was wondering what I was doing there).

I had to run to Chanel’s and learn how to apply white, CC cream, highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and how to go crazy with mascara and eyeshadows.

Obviously, with the makeup history that I have, I am going through this whole process quite reluctantly, seeing as it makes me think of painting.

It doesn’t really matter, as I know that I paint myself for the sole purpose of producing decent photos.

However, however…

I am very sensitive to Alicia Keys’ initiative because I have two girls at home.

One of them is three years old and we’ve got a few years before I allow her to put anything whatsoever on her face (maybe when she hits 20 or 30, depending on my mood).

The other is 17 years old. And it’s now (although I tried to negotiate a 10 year moratorium but it wasn’t accepted) that she is experimenting with makeup. Not everyday but quite regularly and more professionally than me. She also takes way longer than me (honey please get out of that bathroom).

Sometimes, when she isn’t feeling her best, she implies that she is less beautiful natural than with a face full of makeup (but I glare at her and she corrects herself by saying that it’s just that she looks different, not better or worse. Yes I am a very glaring parental figure).

Sadly, it is not the first time that I hear this opinion from teenagers or more mature women. Some women even apologize for not being made-up. It’s really a pity.

What I really like about Alicia Keys’ initiative is that she nuanced it. She never said that makeup had to be banned forever, she simply said that makeup isn’t mandatory all the time. That when you do it, just enjoy it fully. And that you can be different, depending on the moment’s desire and the level of comfort you wish for.

It’s a valid statement for everything else: you can be just as radiant in a pencil skirt as in a pair of jeans, same goes for 7-inch stilettos and ballet flats.

The most important thing, in my opinion is not to emprison yourself in a fixed image or an archetypal role.

And honestly : Alicia Keys looks bomb makeup free.

(I may not look as stunning as her but I skipped the painting routine in these pictures too – lipstick only will make it).

Dice Kayek dress – Giorgio Armani heels – Bulgari purse – Tom Ford sunglasses