Did I tear the tulle of this sumptuous dress with my stiletto heel as I danced?


Did I freeze to death on this bridge as the cold winds whirled around us? Absolutely.

Do you think a dance video is a wrap after an hour and two shots maximum? Absolutely not.

Without exaggerating, you need at least thirty takes in order to keep only those that are about right in terms of movements (which is not simple for an amateur like me, especially when Sir Dance Master invents steps on the moment without telling me about it) and in terms of catching the moments without passersby, scooter, bicycles or cars.

When, on top of that, your stilettos that glided so effortlessly on the studio floor decide to surprise you by sticking to the Parisian pavement, well… you end up barefoot.

All of this to let you enjoy two versions of the same dance video: the final cut and… the backstage version of course 😉

February 21, 2020