Those who know Paris are aware that its docks are full of life. Full of life first of all… because people live there, on barges, which are often charming and graceful.

Full of life also because, depending on the spot, you’ll find either an astonishing number of bars and restaurants, or simply a welcome solitude. Given that I am not the most sociable butterfly there is, I guess you won’t be surprised by the fact that I decided to avoid the crowd for this photoshoot. (First of all because I like silence, which I actually don’t experience very often. Also because I don’t like background crowds on my pictures, which divert the attention and that, believe it or not, people don’t all have a retro style like mine, which creates an incoherence in the pictures and I hate incoherence, seeing as, on top of being antisocial I am also a neat-freak. But a nice neat-freak, not the kind that howls at you if you leave a few crumbs, I’m more of a wipe-the-crumbs-up-discreetly-without-saying-anything type).


A beautiful moment, this photoshoot. Not a cat in sight, and I mean human-like-cat here There weren’t any crumbs either 😉 A gorgeous sun, the Eiffel Tower, it was perfect.


Fendi bag and twilly – JCrew jeans – Loft top – Kenzo scarf – Lafont sunglasses – Vintage coat – Davidoff earrings