It used to be quite simple to answer the eternal « What do you do in life? » question. But that was before.

Before happily starting my anonymous double life as a digital endorser.

Before, it was a simple answer: « I’m a lawyer ». A business lawyer, more of a legal counsel lawyer than a litigation lawyer, therefore spending my professional life sitting behind my desk or in meetings. Or at my desk in a meeting (in a videoconference, technological progress can be dreadful).

Now, it’s a little bit more complex than that.

Now I’m a photo model (sort of). Hence the amount of time that I spend walking in the streets. I walk in the same places as many times as the photographer asks me to. Repeating the exact same steps fifteen times in a row. (What are you doing at the moment? Uhh, I’m walkiiiing).

So, depending on my mood and the person I’m talking to, my answer to THE question varies. Sometimes I just tell them that I walk in the street (absolute incomprehension in they eyes of my interlocutors…).

If I don’t like the person, I answer, with a disarmingly natural air about me that I work the streets, that usually ends the conversation.

That reminds me of a funny moment. Visualise the scene: you’re a lawyer, that day you decided to wear a stripped trouser suit, the kind of suit a City banker would wear. You leave your desk to smoke a cigarette in front of the building. The building is – at the time – a large avenue where many women work for the pleasure of many men.

You’re smoking your cigarette.

A man stops before you and asks – sorry, barks – in a tone that is at once surly and embarrassed: « How much is it? »

(You’re making a mistake, Dear).

What other choice do you have than to answer, in your most regal tone, that « it » is 400 euros per hour VAT excluded. That is indeed your hourly fee. Your lawyer’s fee.

After a moment of incomprehension, the man in question took off rather swiftly.


For the story, I passed by these buildings at least twenty times in the space of fifteen minutes.

Because what do I do in life, already? Oh yeah, I walk.

Fortunately, François Truffaut compared women’s legs to compasses which circle the globe giving it its balance and harmony.

February 12, 2016


Max Mara coat – Louis Vuitton bag – Vintage wedges – Hartwood hat – Martin Margiela + Mykita sunglasses – O’Fée earrings