And here I am, in my dance attire but also in Marlène Dietrich’s suite at the Lancaster hotel in Paris, where she lived a few years, where she left her piano, to discuss dance. I recently inflicted a thousand stories documenting my dance practices on my community on Instagram Continue reading “LET’S DANCE”


It’s no secret, I love summery playsuits and it’s no secret either, I do love electric blue, this famous IKB or International Klein Blue. Continue reading “IKB”


Today, I want to tell you about a lawyer: Suzanne Ducoté.

A lawyer who chose another path.

Suzanne’s bubbly personality, beautiful energy and intelligence set her up for a brilliant, intellectually stimulating career as a business lawyer. Continue reading “DUCOTÉ & CÔTE”


This item is a UFO: a playsuit by Victoria Beckham designed for target, the massive U.S. department store. Indeed, Victoria Beckham presented Target with an affordable 150-piece-collection in Spring 2017, which includes a line for plus-size women and for children. In all fairness, it’s quite a success. Continue reading “ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK”


It is a challenge not to look furiously elegant in a tuxedo. Some might even say furiously feminine.

However, if dared, the tuxedo must be absolutely perfect. You might find me a little snobbish but in my opinion, a tuxedo is either YSL or it is not. Continue reading “SMOKING HOT”


Let’s talk about the Atelier Les Lyonnes.

Its founder, the utterly charming Anne-Claire Thiriot, decided to give spats a new life. The bet was a risky one, given that the accessory is rather dated.

And yet, the bet was worth it because she has, in a nutshell, given it a new life. Continue reading “ATELIER LES LYONNES”


The Canadians must have been laughing pretty hard at our few centimetres of snow… and their catastrophic impact.

There was hardly any traffic, all the parks were closed, people looked like penguins as they struggled to walk, all wrapped up in layers of clothes: it was a beautiful mess. Continue reading “SNOW”


“Atomic Blonde” was definitely one of my favorite movies of 2017.

In a nutshell: Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 agent played by Charlize Theron, is sent to Berlin a few days before the fall of the wall in order to find a lost list of secret agents. Continue reading “ATOMIC BLONDE”


It is urgent that we start loving. Loving ourselves in order to love others.

This motto, which is already engraved in the very DNA of this website, is the main idea in Renee Engeln’s book: “Beauty sick: How the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women”, published in April 2017. Renee Engeln is Professor of Instruction in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, USA. Continue reading “MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS”


This Burberry dress with its pretty bejeweled collar often – depending on the posture – makes me look pregnant. That’s because of its Empire waistline combined with a balloon-shaped skirt. But at the end of the day, looking like you’re pregnant isn’t the worst thing that could happen once you stop running after a skinny figure. Continue reading “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”


Two ways to honor this ravishing white white Japanese wool Characters jumpsuit. The red Fendi fur gives the silhouette a bit of pzazz and structure, whilst the Marni jacket’s golden touches, combined with Jimmy Choo stilettos and a Louboutin clutch create a softer, more discreet silhouette. Continue reading “WINNING COMBO”


I wanted to begin this text by declaring my love for Paris and by claiming that I feel like a true Parisienne… but, beyond simply being born in Paris, how is one Parisian?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was asking himself the same question as early as 1761, when he declared that “fashion dominates provincials but Parisians dominate fashion”. Continue reading “LA PARISIENNE”


This strict Tara Jarmon cape – which can easily make one look like a communicant – definitely deserved the slight enhancement brought on by the simple addition of this removable collar, which originally came with a Fendi coat. Continue reading “BLUE COLLAR”


This beautiful pocket watch was a birthday present from my dear teenager, who knows about my taste for retro only too well. She also knows that I don’t wear my regular watches anymore from fear of hurting my little princess when I carry her in my arms. This pocket watch is absolutely perfect and, worn here as a necklace, it adds a touch of refinement to this Yves Saint Laurent dress. Continue reading “MONDAY MOTIVATION”


I feel a little bit sorry for Balmain’s little hands. Creating and crafting a haute-couture collection like the one that was presented by Balmain during the SS17 Paris Fashion Week requires thousands of hours of work and represents – in my opinion – art, craftmenship and pure perfection. Continue reading “BALMAIN”


This 1970s Yves Saint Laurent skirt has always made me think of Ava Gardner, in the mythical scene of the Barefoot Comtessa movie when she dances with the gypsies, or during her Spanish years. Continue reading “GYPSY”


I love this Dior dress, which I find to be the perfect illustration of the House’s spirit. The cut is perfectly feminine, the collar is discreetly pleated, the patterns are fresh and delicate, and the fine black belt gives a touch of retro to the body hugging silk crepe. Continue reading “DIOR SPIRIT”


I know that I repeat myself often, but the way that our occidental societies have of seeing women’s bodies really strikes me.

The number of times that I’ve heard, regarding other women or myself, that « this woman is beautiful for her age » or else that « she has a great body for a woman with so many children ». Continue reading “RELATIVITY THEORY”


A kind spirit advised me once to stop posting pictures of myself on the Internet, because, being over 40 and not having a model’s physique I was on my way to the “paroxysm of ridicule” (dixit). Continue reading “GOAL”


When Fendi opens up its fur archives to let you discover its best pieces from all the previous collections, you feel just like a child in a candy shop… Continue reading “FENDI”


This lovely Miu Miu dress is slightly too strict for my taste. Composed of a fine black jumper and a navy blue skirt with pockets, I cannot say that this dress is not classy and well cut but it lacked a little wow factor, a little twist. Continue reading “WOW FACTOR”


Let’s be honest: as soon as I can, I change into my jeans and flats. Let’s be honest again: my dear teenager would love nothing more than to make a bonfire with my favorite sweater Continue reading “LOVE BOAT”