Annecy, “The Venice of the French Alps”. Annecy, “The Pearl of the French Alps”. Annecy never failed its reputation, far from it.

Indeed, the three canals dotted along the city were put in place to protect the gorgeous medieval town and provide hydro electricity to power the textile manufacturers and are reminiscent of those of the city of Doges.

Indeed, the nickname “The Pearl of the French Alps” is also quickly understood, Annecy being so full of charm. The lake and towering mountains are striking and completely serene and are contrasted by a very lively city center. The city boasts a rich historical past. The city is now adorned with a thousand flowers and numerous artistic installations scattered throughout the town.

Just beyond Annecy, there is a lake with crystal clear water – deemed one of the cleanest lakes in Europe – and which reflects the mountains surrounding it, giving the illusion that it changes colour with the seasons.

Swimming, pedal boats, paddle boats, small motorboats, cruise boats, activity is varied on the lake, a perfect place to get away from the crowds to enjoy the majestic beauty of Mother Nature in all her serenity.

I have a particular weakness for the pedal boat as it allows freedom, delights children, offers a good workout and is perfectly ecological.

I lived in Annecy, when I was 3 or 4-years old.  I never went back there, and yet, 40 years later I found the old merry-go-round, the swans, and its beauty.

Beauty. Everywhere.

July 23, 2021