A kind spirit advised me once to stop posting pictures of myself on the Internet, because, being over 40 and not having a model’s physique I was on my way to the “paroxysm of ridicule” (dixit).

That kind spirit is right.

I am over 40.

And I obviously don’t have the physical perfection of a model. I have wrinkles, which I intend to keep, I am small, I have a very visibly broken collarbone, I have cellulite, a nasty scar on my arm and beauty spots everywhere. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And it’s specifically for these reasons that this kind spirit is wrong. Because my website’s objective was not to present you with a model wearing nice clothes but rather with a woman in all of her normality (because there are a lot, thank God), often elegant and joyful but with her occasional bad days and her questionings.

Thank God, I am over 40 and I have the distance that comes with maturity. That distance is what allows me to think in an approximately accurate way and what allows me to inflict the texts that life inspires upon you.

Thank God, I am no model and I’d rather discard a hundred photos to keep only one, than to alter a whole lot and celebrate falsified beauty.

I thought that my website’s objective was quite obvious.

In reality, I know that its objective is very very obvious.

May 3, 2016

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