Before Bégum Paris, there was Delage, the beautiful French maison with its workshop in Ile-et-Villaine, France. A maison that would regularly lend its talents and savoir-faire to the greatest names, such as Chanel or Louboutin. Continue reading “BEGUM PARIS”


“Love at first sight”. That’s how I’d describe my experience with Delvaux.

This beautiful house was created in 1829, which makes it the oldest fine leather goods house in the world and one of Belgium’s national jewels. Continue reading “DELVAUX”


Let’s talk about the Atelier Les Lyonnes.

Its founder, the utterly charming Anne-Claire Thiriot, decided to give spats a new life. The bet was a risky one, given that the accessory is rather dated.

And yet, the bet was worth it because she has, in a nutshell, given it a new life. Continue reading “ATELIER LES LYONNES”


I fell head-over-heels in love with the young brand Rayon Spécial, which brings together a wonderful collection of vintage glasses from the 30’s through to the 60’s. The glasses are laminated with gold and lovingly restored by the young designer Yoan Dahan. Continue reading “RAYON SPECIAL”


Let’s talk about these lovely open-toed stilettos, which are the cherry on the cake of a new, confidential, luxury brand: Varadi.

Varadi’s founder, Diana, started her project from a very simple simple observation: given that she loves wearing very high heels all day long but that she’s never found a match made in heaven, she simply decided to launch her own brand. Continue reading “VARADI”