Is a moment of outrage allowed? I guess so.

I have written about my love for Naomi Wolf’s “Beauty Myth”, published in 1990, on a previous occasion. The essay explores how women were, and continue to be, alienated by unrealistic diktats around physical perfection, desirability and the constant staging of their bodies as sexual objects. Continue reading “THE BEAUTY MYTH – PART 2”


Some time ago, I presented my interrogations concerning #MeToo here. I expressed my fear of seeing this movement become a trial by the people and my hope that it would trigger legal and judiciary changes, which are, in my opinion, the only tools that can really change mindsets in the long run. Continue reading “TIME’S UP”


Shall we talk about #metoo?

I have got extremely mixed feelings regarding the whole thing – first and foremost, I am disgusted by all the abuse. The following post is just a flow of thoughts triggered by the campaign, with near to no distance given that we’re all swimming in the midst of these murky, muddy waters at the moment. Continue reading “#NOTMETOO BUT #METOOANYWAY”


It is urgent that we start loving. Loving ourselves in order to love others.

This motto, which is already engraved in the very DNA of this website, is the main idea in Renee Engeln’s book: “Beauty sick: How the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women”, published in April 2017. Renee Engeln is Professor of Instruction in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, USA. Continue reading “MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS”


I know that I repeat myself often, but the way that our occidental societies have of seeing women’s bodies really strikes me.

The number of times that I’ve heard, regarding other women or myself, that « this woman is beautiful for her age » or else that « she has a great body for a woman with so many children ». Continue reading “RELATIVITY THEORY”