One of my previous posts proclaimed my distaste with fast fashion and my love for the vintage and second-hand secondary market. Buying vintage or second-hand is indeed beneficial from an ecological point of view and – as long as you buy quality by examining the labels – from an ethical point of view.

However, and to be crystal clear: it is absolutely vital to go onto the primary market and buy new products.

Why? Because the purchase of new products illustrating a real know-how supports craftsmanship and ultimately creates jobs and wealth for many people. Please support designers, young or well-established, support their “small business” to paraphrase the title of a French movie.

They pour their hearts, their creativity into products often cherished like their babies.

They all have a thousand questions, whether it is about their legitimacy, their finances or their potential clientele. In their approach, there is almost a relay of the torch – the torch being their creations – handed to us when we purchase a product.

Beyond the purely commercial dimension of a purchase transaction, never neglect the human dimension that the product carries, whether it is about emotion, effort, creativity or history.

The question is knowing how to buy, whether it is used or new. I cannot stress this enough: examine the labels, ask questions about the process of making products. And you know what? It can quickly become fascinating.

December 11, 2020

Petitjean Paris scarf – Chanel sunglasses – Monoprix jumper