When Winter finally gives way to the warmth of spring and summer, I am always eager to start wearing long, flowing skirts, which I find excessively feminine, so long as they are properly cinched at the waist.

In this gorgeous little garden behind the Sacré-Coeur, which is much more charming and confidential than the square in front of the basilica, I can’t help but reconnect with my inner child. The result, you ask? Why, a number of vain attempts at executing improbable spins and graceful pirouettes.

What can I say, it’s springtime: let’s celebrate!

April 6, 2018

_DSC1995 warm

_DSC2060 warm

_DSC2067 warm

_DSC2094 warm


_DSC1953 warm

_DSC2078 warm

_DSC2020 warm

_DSC1933 warm

Chloé vintage top – Vintage skirt – Repetto ballet flat shoes – Fendi clutch – Chanel sunglasses