It is simply delightful to wear this Jason Wu dress, which I find absolutely gorgeous, during the festive season. The slightly dramatic bejeweled neckline is perfectly balanced out by the aerial grace of the skirt. Continue reading “INTO THE BLUE”


This beautiful little gem is from Needle & Thread, an English brand founded in 2013, whose sophisticated, supremely feminine style is instantly recognisable due to the embroideries and sequins present in each collection. Continue reading “MAHARANI”


One never highlights their back enough, which is a shame given how sensual a back can be.

I’ve chosen to address this issue by wearing this chain-covered vintage dress.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Continue reading “UNCHAINED”


Fun facts? We’ve got fun facts:

I am short. That’s not so funny but I just wanted to specify it because every time someone sees me in real life after having seen pictures that someone tells me: “but you looked so much taller”. There you go, that’s kinda funny… I’m really 1m64! Continue reading “FUN FACTS”


What my 4-year-old daughter calls my « princess dress » is in fact a wedding gown. My wedding gown. A wedding gown that I never got to wear seeing as I never got married (although everything was ready: the contract, the ring, the ceremony… but we ended changing our minds and preferring a life of sin). Continue reading “A LIFE OF SIN”


Today’s subject of discussion is none other than one of the most vanguard Parisian brands, the famous maison Courrèges, which was one of the first to offer trousers and miniskirts to women. Continue reading “COURREGES”


Jet lag, also called desynchronosis and flight fatigue, is a temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of air travel across multiple time zones. It is considered a circadian rhythm sleep disorder, which is a disruption of the internal circadian clock”. Continue reading “JET LAG”


A stunning vintage Yolanda dress from the sixties. I admire the refinement of the embellished collar but I admire way it falls and flows perfectly. The coral-beset lady is older than me but it would make any young woman pale in comparison given its holding (so imagine how pale this 42-year-old young woman looks). Continue reading “HANDOVER OF POWER”


The champagne color of this dress goes perfectly with the season’s flamboyant hues. I have a soft spot for this warm color that I find so very becoming and that always makes me think of the festive and sensual Champagne wine that I love so much. Continue reading “CHAMPAGNE!”


I absolutely adore Carolina Herrera. The brand and the person. The gorgeous woman, with her atypical life path and her iron will manages to imprint a definite femininity and flawless taste in every one of her collections. Continue reading “TREASURE HUNT”


It’s amusing to observe how human nature sometimes goes against the rules that pervade the animal world.

The laws of the animal kingdom often require the male to be most attractive, adorned with the most sensational coats and featherings. Continue reading “DIMORPHISM”


This gown is spectacular. The delicacy of the embroideries gives it a precious aspect and its light pleats inevitably reminds one of Greek goddesses – neoclassical version. From time to time it feels good to be a Greek goddess, right. Continue reading “GREEK STYLE”


I love this Dolce and Gabbana dress, covered in iridescent sequins and enhanced with midnight blue velvet. I love this perfectly cut dress that fits the waist and hips flawlessly. It was tailor-made in some prehistorical times, otherwise known as over seven years ago, before my two youngest were born. Continue reading “GLITTER & SPARKLES”


What an amazing vintage Castillo dress…

Antonio del Castillo is a remarkable designer who worked with the greatest fashion houses – Paquin, Piguet, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden and Lanvin – before opening his own house in the 60’s. Continue reading “CASTILLO”