When you travel alone with two little ones, the suitcase test can be complicated.

As far as I am concerned, I only carry one suitcase (it’s huge, I give you that) in order to have at least one free hand to manage the swirling effervescence of my offspring.

The suitcase is – de facto – 70% filled with their belongings because I plan a complete daily outfit for each one: they live their children’s lives, they sweat and everything goes at the end of each day in the laundry bag that gets bigger day after day.

It leaves me, the woman in love with style, with 30% of the suitcase.

I like challenges, it’s ok.

My first rule is to choose the background tone: blue or black.

My second rule is to choose my color of the moment: yellow, white, red, pink or else.

My third rule is to choose pieces that work well together and that are versatile. It allows to tune the set accordingly: the pair of sunglasses, the two pairs of shoes, the hat and even the unique lipstick.

I only carry a few pieces, simply because with age, I realize that – at the end of the day – one only wears very little of the three tons of clothes brought on vacation. My 30% are therefore invariably made up of:

  • a pair of jeans (black or blue) and a sweater (gray I must admit because I’m lazy and it suits just as well black or blue jeans), always and whatever happens,
  • a pair of flat shoes and a pair of heels,
  • a beach tote and a small handbag that will be perfect for city breaks,
  • a hat, tucked in the middle of the suitcase and upside down, filled with a thousand little things,
  • a wrinkle-resistant dress. If it is a fragile dress, it is folded at the very last moment, on top of the suitcase and wrapped in tissue paper to avoid wrinkles and therefore the iron,
  • white trousers, easily washable, and which will adapt so well with the few tops brought on vacation.

The rest is made up of versatile pieces that you can assemble and disassemble according to your mood, and accessories that have a great effect.

The leather shopping bag with which I travel is filled with dedicated pockets that allow me to easily find the laptotp (my best friend), official documents or the usual pharmacy.

And voilà. No more, no more. And believe it or not, but we’re doing very well, with 30%.

July 10, 2020

Banana Republic trousers – Bluemarine top – Dior slippers – Essedue sunglasses