Autumn and its flamboyant colors, Autumn and its hot chocolates, Autumn and its raclettes, you know, that dish of melted cheese with potatoes and ham, oh no sorry, that’s Winter.

Autumn and a strong desire for comfort, warmth and raclette, oh no sorry, that’s still Winter.

Autumn which punctuates the lives of Western children, who count the days remaining until Christmas, in a world that now resembles a village where the spiritual dimension has largely been crushed by the commercial dimension: Halloween, Thanksgiving, St-Nicolas and its inevitable Advent calendars. And nowhere a raclette’s day in sight, which is a shame.

Well, even with no raclette, here is the perfect outfit for an autumnal weekend 😉

November 14, 2015


Eskandar cardigan – Balmain jumper – Marc Jacobs jeans – Max Mara flat shoes