You often see me wearing these pants with these shoes. There are two reasons for this.

I like these pants. And I like these shoes.

I’m kidding.

Well, kind of.

I love the timeless chic of a beautiful pair of black pants. These ones are made of souple crepe, incredibly well-cut and extremely comfortable. The side ribbon adds a touch of refinement to this classic, in which I can accomplish all the deeds of the day freely for it never creases.

I also love the effortless chic of combining a pair of quality black pants with pointy flats. The latter are at once comfortable and classy, with an uplifting touch of sparkles, and are thus the perfect last piece for a dynamic silhouette. Last but not least, these flats create the illusion of a longer leg without the inconvenience of heels.





Paul & Joe blouse – Giorgio Armani trousers – Banana Republic flat shoes – Chanel sunglasses – Gucci handbag

Enough about clothes, let’s move on to the Royal Palace, or “Palais-Royal”.

A haven of peace and nature smack in the center of Paris. I love how nature, architecture and history (three massive weapons of seduction, in my eyes) are brought together in its midst.

This Palace was actually only a Cardinal Palace when it was initially built by the Cardinal Richelieu but became a Royal Palace when (you may have guessed it) the King Louis XIVth moved in.

In 1790, a Russian historian wrote that “everything one may find in Paris is in the Royal Palace”. Throughout the centuries, one could find kings, protests, riots, prostitutes, balls and parties. It had been, in turn, an opera, a circus, a casino…

Though it’s been through thousands of events, the impression that always remains when one visits the Palais Royal is one of both lovely obsolescence and absolute timelessness.

It’s still true today. One can find a plethora of diverse, varied and slightly old-fashioned things there. You’ll find Colette, my favourite writer, who lived there. You’ll find Didier Ludot, the antiquarian of fashion (where I find my little black dresses), Serge Lutens (my perfume-maker), lovely little restaurants, and last but not least, the Constitutional Counsel and the State Counsel (any lawyer feels at home there, right?).

September 7, 2017