Who knows the Parisian flea market, where previously-owned treasures can be found?

“Les Puces” flea market, which covers seven hectares, is the largest antique market in the world.

When the imperial architect Haussmann made new urban plans for Paris, designing broad and straight avenues in the center of the city, he dislodged many merchants from their old dwellings. They went to the North of Paris, erected their stalls and covered huts and the “marché aux Puces” was born just like that.

Fun fact, the term “flea market” is a literal English translation from the French “marché aux puces” which means “market of the fleas”, named as such because the items sold were pre-owned, supposedly containing fleas.

So here am I, trying on a beautiful vintage gown on my leather leggings and boots. Because why not.

Also, here I am, in a bold vintage gown.

Marcel et Jeannette gowns at the Flea Market – Paris

January 14, 2020