Are my photos photoshopped? The answer is no. Nothing you see here or on Instagram is tampered with. 90% of the time, the photo sent by my photographer is perfect in terms of lighting or colors and is published as is. The remaining 10%, I have fun with Instagram filters because they can give an interesting atmosphere to the photo or stick better to my message of the day.

The only retouched photos of myself are those published in Faust Magazine, and still they are slightly so, because that is my wish and that of the editor who has absolutely no desire to sell an inaccessible dream, quite the contrary.

Some of the photos published in Faust are retouched because they are intended for a full-page press publication, and press publications have standards that are different from those of the digital realm.

And even if the alterations are slight, I do not always recognize myself in these cases. I am used to my wrinkles, my dark circles, my bad winter looks, and the last sentence that comes to my mind just before posting a photo on Instagram or on my site is invariably the same: whatever, that’s life.

A photo is either good or bad. If it is not to my taste, it is not chosen, period. Better too little than too much. And de facto, a considerable number of photos are ostracized, because the good photo is more the exception than the rule.

I have absolutely no time to have fun editing photos.

My pictures are not touched up, simply because it would not be consistent with my approach which is certainly aesthetic, but which also has a great thirst for veracity and authenticity.

I am already extremely aware that a photo is the most beautiful of lies: question of angle and light, quite simply. Especially since I am fortunate to be able to work with a professional photographer who has the photographic eye and the equipment.

This will is more professional than egoistic, simply because I treat my digital activity as seriously as my legal activity.

The chance, with having such an approach, is that people who cross paths with me in real life after having crossed paths with me digitally, recognize me easily. Because I look alike, and this is extremely important to me, in terms of consistency of life.

All this to allow you to appreciate in full consciousness the photos of a shoot during which I received some very annoying news on a lawyer file; during which my face and expressions instantly changed to be less lighter and more crumpled; during which the photographer no longer knew what to do with all of this.

In short, you will accept me as I am, I am sure.

October 9, 2020

Gucci dress – Prada heels – Stella McCartney clutch – Tiffany earrings

At the Lancaster hotel – Paris