A woman should be able to be who she wants to be, without having to face society’s expectations of the day.

On January 27th, a famous 58-year-old American actress walked the runway for an equally famous Italian brand and created a shocking stir. She was indeed unrecognizable and the whole planet – media and people – wondered if she went under the knife.

Cosmetic surgery, contouring, heavy make-up, who knows? And who cares, really, that’s the question.

It’s all about modern standards and the insane objectification of women’s body, really.

Institutional media have been allowing themselves to comment on women’s physical appearance, like forever. And when it comes to cosmetic surgery, age, women’s beauty or ugliness – in short their value on the market of women (i.e. sexual desirability), such media actually participate to the commodification of women’s body. This American actress is no exception, unfortunately, as numerous media – online or not – commented at length on her face, no later than January 28th.

But we are now at this fucked-up moment when people like you, like me, go to said actress’s Instagram page and allow themselves to post unflattering comments about her face, but never talking to her.

Dehumanisation is now added to commodification.

February 19, 2021

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