Will I ever say that I love red too much?

(Well probably but I’m not going to stop now).

I love red, that hot, sensual, lively colour. I love red that instantaneously highlights and brightens an otherwise slightly neutral or demure outfit. I love red lipstick that immediately gives your face a blast of energy. I love red dresses when I feel like a conqueror, I love red pants when I feel like teasing, I love red accessories when I feel more delicately feminine.

I love red, that suits brunettes and blondes, no matter what some may say.

I love red that perfectly reflects – in my opinion – the touch of madness that we allow into our lives everyday.

(Personally, I allow it. Fully. Completely).

January 27, 2017


Prada top – JCrew jeans – Roger Vivier flat shoes – Vintage earrings and coat – Alain Figaret scarf – Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine bracelets – Dior handbag