Behind the young cosmetics brand ‘Les Jardins de Jaïna’ hides the discreet Jihene Bouraoui – who nevertheless deserves to be known as she is so luminous.

In a perpetual search for good and truth, Jihene left a few years ago for Peru where she learned the ancestral science of medicinal plants with Amazonian women and shamans.

Having since returned to Paris, Jihene now transcends the properties of sacred plants from the Amazon in her cosmetic products. “Cosmetic” is hardly the right word: convinced that the body is the reflection of the soul and vice versa, Jihene offers rather rituals (Radiance, Vitality and Serenity Rituals) than purely cosmetic products.

‘Les Jardins de Jaïna’ do not promise eternal youth to women, but rather an alignment of their outer and inner beauty. The message does certainly not follow the current advertising standards, but it will strongly resonate with those of us who wish to fully embrace their authenticity and deep femininity.

Reconnecting, fully accepting the person we are – and even winking at the white witches who manipulated and still manipulate the power of plants – all of this denotes a desire for simplicity and authenticity far from the clichés about current femininity.

‘Les Jardins de Jaïna’ are part of this approach of simplicity and authenticity: the ingredients are organic, picked in the wild (the alteration of raw ingredients is commonplace in cosmetics), without parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulfate, phthalates, GMOs, silicone, pesticides, artificial colors.

If we have to talk about ancestral plants, the “La Rose et le Dragon” day cream contains, for example, ‘dragon’s blood’, reputed to be a liquid, healing, antifungal and antibacterial plant.

The textures are very pleasant to apply and the plants give off delicate scents.

Applying preparations made from sacred plants confers another type of strength, which appeals to a more interior femininity.

The products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The manufacturing processes, which favor short circuits, are sustainable, ecologically and biologically responsible and fairly remunerate the harvesting Amazonian tribes (which is a change from the big cosmetic brands and the labs that have been plundering the Amazon rainforest for decades).

Skin and soul being intimately linked, ‘Les Jardins de Jaïna’ also offer well-being products: a delicious rosebud herbal tea “to open the heart and soothe the head”, a neroli home fragrance or a massage candle with cocoa, shea and mango butters.

‘Les Jardins de Jaïna’ offer products that are totally out of the ordinary: let’s talk about the massage candle, for instance. It is a massage oil for the body that is heated beforehand in the form of a candle which at first glance seems very usual. The idea is brilliant because it combines the pleasure of lighting a candle and the satisfaction of taking care of your body with a beneficial massage.

Icing on the cake, 15% of the profits are donated for the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

And, second icing on the cake, the prices of the products offered by ‘Les Jardins de Jaïna’ are totally affordable.

June 3, 2022