I know that I repeat myself often, but the way that our occidental societies have of seeing women’s bodies really strikes me.

The number of times that I’ve heard, regarding other women or myself, that « this woman is beautiful for her age » or else that « she has a great body for a woman with so many children ».

Dear God how it irritates me.

It is necessary to decide. According to a person’s personal opinion, either a woman is beautiful or she is not.

If, according to a person’s personal opinion, a woman is beautiful, why relativize and diminish her beauty?

Because the implicit, unspeakable message that we are meant to hear is that: « she looks okay but she’s aging » or else « she’s fine, she wasn’t too damaged by her pregnancies ».

A bit of honesty for God’s sake.

Things should be clear: if people who have aged above a certain age or whose bodies have been transformed by one or several pregnancies are not beautiful in the eyes of any random fellow, the random fellow shouldn’t issue any compliment, because the hidden message would be that wrinkles and children are after all disgusting stigmata.

The random fellow is cordially invited to shut up forever.

We have no need for his opinion that has been altered by social constructions.

He is a nuisance, the random fellow, he pollutes our atmosphere with his dogmatic youthism.

The worst part… The worst part is that we should feel flattered by such compliments.

Impossible, in my case.

When I hear « OH MY GOD, you’re 41, you look so much younger », what else can I do other than stare at that person with a dreary, empty, maybe even slightly aggressive gaze?

I have no desire whatsoever to be young. I vomit my youth, during which I struggled to find my place, devoid of meaning and human experience, foolish and selfish.

I have no desire whatsoever to look young. I want to be healthy, happy and carved by wrinkles of expression.

I want to glow. Have charisma. Be a beautifully human person. Be magnetic because of my altruism. The above seems much more interesting and challenging than to be simply young, which, after all, is nothing but a state that doesn’t necessarily reflect our personal qualities.

May 11, 2016


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