5:10 p.m. (in French “17h10”) is that twilight moment during which nearly everything is possible for a busy woman: a meeting, an appointment with the pediatrician, a coffee with a potential client, or even a coffee with a friend (a woman can dream…).

The 17h10 brand encapsulates the idea of endless possibilities in a suit. Well, in several suits, that were thoughtfully designed by Amélie and Caroline, the founders of this cleverly named house.

Often disheartened by the poor quality of the crumpled and ill-cut suits they saw in their respective offices, Amélie and Caroline decided to follow a new career path together in order to salvage and restore workwear elegance.

These designers were motivated by a quest for true quality but also by the desire to reinterpret the classical corporate suit by giving it a feminine twist.

Jackets come in all designs: blazers, spencers, collarless or double-breasted jackets, and so do trousers, which can be slim, straight, wide or pleated and each woman can mix and match jackets and trousers, which come in the same colors, according to her preference.

The selected wool comes from Italy, the know-how is European and responsible. Last but not least, details and precision are omnipresent. The Summer collection will add a gorgeous array of pastel colors, including the mix of pink brick and ivory that I present you with here.

Beyond the instant love I felt for this new maison’s style, I know that I also felt a true connection with its founders and designers, Amélie and Caroline, who are strong, warm, lively, bubbly and generous women. If you want to see for yourself, I recommend their podcast, produced with Nouvelle Ecoute, on which they share their brand’s creative process, difficulties and successes with young entrepreneurs.

I give you the fabulous 17h10, long live 17h10!

April 19, 2019