When you accidentally discover Michele Esposito’s Laboratorio Capri whilst strolling down a charming street in Capri you only want one thing: buy the whole store and bring the said Michele back to Paris.

Other than the fact that Michele is a positively wonderful man, he is also a noble artisan of clothing. As a the true perfectionist that he is, he can unearth the finest of fabrics for the piece that he is creating (I needed that particular Japanese fabric because the way it falls is heaven, you see? I understand, Michele, I totally understand…).

A noble artist. His style is absolutely unique: every piece translates his strong personality and every collection simultaneously condenses Italian chic, retro, freshness and the soul of Capri. I do not think Michele will ever become a victim of the infernal cycle of trends, instead he will always remain the master of his own style.

For the record: I left Laboratorio Capri with… eight pieces.


Laboratorio Capri top and trousers – Gucci handbag – Ray Ban sunglasses – Louis Vuitton flat shoes


Laboratorio Capri dress – Bvlgari purse – Stella Luna heels