Luxury is not synonymous with a price tag but resides in the correlation between quality and a coherent price. This is why I wanted to present this outfit to you, although it certainly didn’t break the bank.

The jumper is from Monoprix.

The trousers are also from Monoprix.

For those of you who don’t live in France, Monoprix is the urban supermarket in which the Parisian loves to wander.

I love Monoprix, as I have already mentioned here, because you can find delicious ingredients, cute decorations and quality clothes. You just have to go at the right time and take the time to really look.

For example, every year at the end of August, Monoprix releases a line of cashmere sweaters and their quality is equal to Eric Bompard’s cashmere jumpers (this is not a light statement, I have been accumulating cashmere jumpers for the past decades due to an acute sensitivity to cold and the only ones worthy of consideration are Monoprix’s and Bompard’s).

I often think about Inès de la Fressange when I shop for clothes at Monop’ because she once explained that Monop’ helped her through some terribly tough times – a widowing, the prohibition to use her own name and endless financial struggles.

Monop’ is great because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s great because it often collaborates with young designers and the result is often lovely.

Whether you have limited means or not, the magic of an outfit is created by the cut, the quality of the fabrics and the mastery of accessorizing.

Here, I used a gorgeous scarf in my hair and yellow ballet flats to add a special touch to the outfit. The scarf is indeed a Petitjean Paris and the ballet flats are by Vuitton but really the effect would’ve been similar with any high quality complimentary scarf and ballet flat.

Once again, elegance has no price tag. Elegance is about the harmony between your heart, your mind and your choice of exterior presentation, be it Dior or Monoprix. In a nutshell, elegance is quality, inside and out.


Marquis Paris - La Rochelle Fashion

Marquis Paris - La Rochelle Fashion

Marquis Paris - La Rochelle Fashion

Marquis Paris - La Rochelle Fashion

Marquis Paris - La Rochelle Fashion

Marquis Paris - La Rochelle Fashion

Monoprix top and trousers – Louis Vuitton flat shoes – Ray Ban sunglasses – Petitjean Paris scarf – Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine bracelets