How can you not think of Marlene Dietrich as the Blue Angel when it comes to the Yves Saint Laurent smoking suit?

I believe that it is perfectly possible to be furiously feminine in a three-piece suit and absolutely masculine in a dress.

It’s all a question of attitude.

Because femininity is not something you wear on the outside but on the inside.

It’s hard to remember that when we are so overwhelmed with images that unceasingly reveal womens’ bodies, sexuality rather than sensuality, provocation rather than seduction, affirmation rather than subtlety, full disclosure rather than suggestion.

How can I explain to my teenager that a woman’s essence is so much more powerful when she reveals herself little by little, that she has form but first and foremost that she has substance, content, that she’s sincere and true, to my dear teen when she herself lives in the world of immediacy and appearances ?

Faced with the immediacy and superficiality of information and interaction, my little darling is confronted with a flow of agressive – that are no longer transgressive – images. A flow that too often does not represent reality or truth in any way.

So we must explain.

Establish parallels.

We can explain, for example, the construction of a perfume.

We can explain that the charm of some women fades away quickly. At first, heady and intoxicating but sustantless.

We can explain that some other women’s charm reveals itself bit by bit and develops more with every day that passes.

Seeing how fast the world is changing I don’t even want to imagine what treasures of pedagogy I will have to display with my 3-year-old daughter. I’ll tell you in 14 years.

February 6, 2018

YSL smoking – Dior heels – Weill clutch