My six-year-old daughter cordially hates this swimsuit, and this is the perfect occasion to reflect upon the differences between this young lady and me.

Thank God, my daughter doesn’t look like me. She is as blond as I am brunette and as tall (for her age) as I am short (for my age…). She has her father’s face and body structure (which is all the better, as he is an Adonis of sorts). And her character is as far from mine, like fire and ice (I’ll let you guess who’s who, yes, well, whatever).

Praise God, truly, because I am delighted by the fact that this little girl can live her life without the need to mimic her mother. I am more and more convinced that we are – as parents – guides whose main mission is to help the development of a personality – however different and sometimes incomprehensible it may be – to ensure happiness and independence.

We are most certainly not the owners of these personalities in perpetual evolution. We are protectors, guides, examples, tutors, but absolutely not owners. These are really, in my opinion, the key words: happiness and independence. To accept difference, to develop sources of happiness even if they are not one’s own, to accompany the child and, above all, not to make him or her a mirror, a stooge or any extension of oneself.

So, it would never occur to me to buy the same clothes as my daughter or to buy my daughter the same clothes as myself – an awful trend in some shops – as it would seem to me a denial of her personality – or of mine, for that matter. She has her own style; her own personality and I am very proud of that.

July 17, 2020

Duskii swimwear – Chanel sunglasses