When Faust Magazine tells me about the theme for the next issue – namely “Yin and Yang”, I think of only one possible article theme: “Atomic Blonde”. For those who haven’t followed, this is a 2017 film starring Charlize Theron as a spy in the 80’s, Lorraine Broughton. Lorraine Brougton is blonde, Lorraine Broughton fights a lot, Lorraine Broughton carries the universe within her.

On this basis, what do I say to myself? Let’s buy a blonde wig!

On this basis, what do I say to myself? Let’s take some boxing lessons with my son’s boxing teacher!

(Yes, my son does boxing AND tap dancing, in short).

(Yes, because boxing is like dancing: you have to get the right position to achieve something credible).

The result ? Quite simple: I’m a real brunette with short hair. I cordially hate having long (plastic) hair, it tickles, it annoys, it prevents you from seeing 180 degrees, it is very annoying.

The result ? Quite simple, again: I’m clearly not a boxing fan, since I strongly dislike the idea of punching someone.

Besides, the photos show it: with my ridiculous, misplaced little fists, I look as convincing as Mother Theresa playing the role of Rocky Balboa. I tried to look mean and aggressive, but it didn’t work. My weapons are the words, and voilà.

I am not credible – even for a second – and neither my boxing teacher (whom I enrolled in this wonderful photographic adventure) nor I believed in it, and as a result we laughed like crazy. I look anything but scared.

I spare you the very annoying emails arriving in the middle of the photo shoot, I also spare you my flexibility worthy of a Matrix scene, I will instead let you enjoy – once again – the failed photos of a photo shoot yet very fun, at the end of the day.

November 26, 2021