I seriously think I should be more active on Twitter. Thanks to the three children that surround me every day, I am the witness to brilliant comebacks and hilarious retorts, which I write down knowing that they will form a fantastic reservoir of memories in a few years.

Below, a few examples which could be grouped under a #NotQuiteThereYet thematic:

When your daughter has been learning to ply hide-and-seek and screams « I’m hereee » when you had only started playing two seconds ago and had therefore not seen her #NotQuiteThereYet

When your 7 year old son is sad because he just understood that being baptized doesn’t mean taking God’s place #NotQuiteThereYet

When your teen asks you « will you still love me when I’m an adult ? » « Honey how can I explain that this isn’t a fixed-price package » #NotQuiteThereYet

When your shopping for groceries with 7 yo son and as you pass the wine section, he suggests that you buy one of those strawberry wines #Not QuiteThereYet

When your 7 yo wants to master grammar and tells you that you are a humine being because you are a girl #NotQuiteThereYet

When you ask your 7 yo « so what do you think about it ? » and he answers, more solemnly than ever « I think » #NotQuiteThereYet


The rest is all in the same vein. These little bubbles of laughter often remind me of the fact that we’re never quite there yet, be it at 3, 7, 17 or 42 and that life is all about learning 😉

November 23, 2016

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