I had already mentioned in a post two years ago that, although my Instagram page might make you believe otherwise, I am absolutely not a “shopaholic”.

I am quite indifferent to the latest trend and would much rather stick to visiting my favourite vintage shops punctually, in the search of a real treasure.

The fact that I personally dislike shopping is emphasised by my growing awareness of ethical consumption. Indeed, I have been increasingly conscious of the human and ecological impacts of my daily consumption for quite a while now and I try my best to reduce said impact.

When it comes to style, I primarily buy clothing and accessories second hand, be they designer pieces or not.

And the advantages are great.

The prices are incredibly cheaper – and God knows that the prices practiced by luxury brands just keep climbing to the point of indecency, and all based on the facial value of the brand, instead of on the quality of the product.

The risks of wearing an item that was made in unliveable working conditions is practically eliminated.

The quality of vintage products surpasses that of most things made today. If you choose a timeless piece, chances are it will survive you.

Here is a beautiful vintage coat from Parisian Eponyme Vintage store and a pristine purse shopped for at Parisian Miss Griffes store.

January 27, 2019



Vintage coat – Vintage Loewe purse – Salvatore Ferragamo boots

Eponyme Vintage

Miss Griffes