Wearing a made-to-measure suit these days might seem old-fashioned, and yet it is wildly modern.

Almost post-modern, if you want my opinion, if one considers (like me) the fast fashion market already outdated – because of its lack of quality, because of its lack of soul and because of its lack of ethics, both environmental and social.

In a modern world where nonsense prevails, there is – here and there – a growing return to values, quality and that little extra soul that makes all the difference.

And it is not Sandrine Rocher Derichebourg, the founder of L.I.L.A.R, who will contradict me, because that is exactly what her beautiful brand represents, which has evolved a lot since its creation in 2017.

L.I.L.A.R, which stands for “Love Is Like A Rose”, dusted off the masculine and feminine wedding attire, and made it at the same time urban, refined, almost rock’n roll – but still romantic.

Building on the success of her wedding collections, Sandrine quickly wanted to dust off the masculine and feminine city wardrobe as well.

Whether we are talking about wedding attire or urban attire, L.I.L.A.R quality is as much in the fabrics as in the tailoring technics. The majority of fabrics used by L.I.L.A.R are produced in England by the prestigious French family house Dormeuil, founded in 1842. The cottons – organic – are produced in Belgium and France. The tailoring, which takes place in Paris in the L.I.L.A.R workshop, is made-to-order and made-to-measure in a responsible, ethical, sustainable perspective of reasoned consumption.

Besides the perfect fit to each person’s silhouette, the choice of linings and buttons by the client is another way to personalize the suit.

Here is for the values, here is for the quality.

And even if the extra soul is in the garment itself, which has been chosen, adjusted and personalized, the immense extra soul comes from Sandrine herself. Because we have to talk about Sandrine’s smile, right. It illuminates the beautiful showroom she has carefully chosen at 205 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris and her thoughtfulness and her genuine kindness transform what could have been a simple purchase into a warm human experience.

The collections proposed by L.I.L.A.R are at the same time classic, elegant, refined, but always have this little “je ne sais quoi”. So Parisian 😉

Here are some models, photographed by Sandrine herself, at Le Pigalle hotel. We summoned our respective universes which happened to be the same: the cabaret tradition, “Victor Victoria”, the old Hollywood movies, the dreamy Pigalle of “Moulin Rouge” and always, always this Parisian nonchalance.

November 20, 2020

L.I.L.A.R white wedding dress – Gucci heels

L.I.L.A.R black dress – Vintage opera gloves and cuff – Vintage clutch from Marcel et Jeannette

L.I.L.A.R black shirt – Vintage top hat and cane from Marcel et Jeannette – Vintage belt from Miss Griffes

L.I.L.A.R white suit

L.I.L.A.R striped suit – Gucci heels – Céline Robert hat

Le Pigalle hotel

Pictures by Sandrine Rocher Derichebourg

Assistance by Emma Verdier Kremer