And here I am, in my dance attire but also in Marlène Dietrich’s suite at the Lancaster hotel in Paris, where she lived a few years, where she left her piano, to discuss dance. I recently inflicted a thousand stories documenting my dance practices on my community on Instagram Continue reading “LET’S DANCE”


This website definitely raises many questions around me. Some people don’t really understand why I persist on wanting to live off this digital initiative when I am a lawyer and a doctor in law. According to them, all of this is a waste of my intellectual capacities and a plain waste of time. Continue reading “PROFESSION – SLASHER”


I am what you’d call a late bloomer, one of those women who becomes beautiful with age.

Strangely, I say this without any pretense: I don’t think I’m the prettiest (I am actually totally incapable of naming the most beautiful woman in the world because I find lots of women beautiful in many different ways) but I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, be it puffy and eyes and poufy hair or a perfectly prepped face. Continue reading “LATE BLOOMER”


It is urgent that we start loving. Loving ourselves in order to love others.

This motto, which is already engraved in the very DNA of this website, is the main idea in Renee Engeln’s book: “Beauty sick: How the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women”, published in April 2017. Renee Engeln is Professor of Instruction in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, USA. Continue reading “MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS”


I happened to very intentionally stumble upon Ivanka Trump’s Instagram page, given that I’ve been observing her and her public initiatives from a distance for some time now. The persona intrigues me (the underlying question being: what will she actually do with all the cards she has in hand to trigger progress in some areas?) Continue reading “THE BLACK SWAN”


This Burberry dress with its pretty bejeweled collar often – depending on the posture – makes me look pregnant. That’s because of its Empire waistline combined with a balloon-shaped skirt. But at the end of the day, looking like you’re pregnant isn’t the worst thing that could happen once you stop running after a skinny figure. Continue reading “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”


Don’t ask me why but I’m going to tell you about Harlequin books.

The context was simple though: it was just another studious night during which my teen and I were working each on her side of the table – like it is often the case – when we started drifting towards Harlequin books, cheap and totally unlikely romance novels that neither of us had ever read. Continue reading “SO CLICHÉ”


I feel a little bit sorry for Balmain’s little hands. Creating and crafting a haute-couture collection like the one that was presented by Balmain during the SS17 Paris Fashion Week requires thousands of hours of work and represents – in my opinion – art, craftmenship and pure perfection. Continue reading “BALMAIN”


I know that I repeat myself often, but the way that our occidental societies have of seeing women’s bodies really strikes me.

The number of times that I’ve heard, regarding other women or myself, that « this woman is beautiful for her age » or else that « she has a great body for a woman with so many children ». Continue reading “RELATIVITY THEORY”


I’m going to be honest: I don’t, I absolutely don’t understand the youth culture which has invaded our modern occidental societies.

From a historical standpoint, and therefore from an intellectual standpoint I do understand – youth as a synonym of vitality, fertility and thus as a perpetuation of one’s lineage. Continue reading “THE SUM OF A LIFE”


Let’s be honest: as soon as I can, I change into my jeans and flats. Let’s be honest again: my dear teenager would love nothing more than to make a bonfire with my favorite sweater Continue reading “LOVE BOAT”