Life is a beach, they say…

…And some other times, life is not a beach.

This is the story of our lives: juggling different tasks and roles all day long.

When I started this website, I aimed only to create what I could not find: a blog for active women, who are bordering schizophrenia, constantly changing roles and outfits, going from pencil skirts to cocktail dresses to jeans to that corset on the eve of the night.

I wanted a website for all the women out there, with their crying baby in the arms, because Mummy has to go to work.

I wanted a website for all the women out there, crying with their teenager, because this time, the kid has to leave the nest. Mine was not leaving yet when we started the tears’ part (just to make sure that we didn’t miss out on it).

I wanted a website handled by a real woman – me, as a mother, a lawyer, a lover and a friend – with real clothes – mine and only mine – with real stories and opinions.

With no business goal or hidden agenda.

I wanted to reintroduce a little bit of truth and reality into this media circus driven by money and providing us with unreal pretty faces, again and again. And lacking a serious item: the sense of life.

I have serious doubts about the success of my project.

Because social networks are part of this lack of reality.

Because this virtuality scares me.

But still.

Let’s give a try and go on.

Because I do love truth and reality. And moreover, I do love when life – sometimes – makes sense.

October 21, 2015

Dior dress – Vintage Gripoix necklace – Louboutin heels – Tom Ford sunglasses